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We offer the most thorough and cost effective background checks and criminal record searches in the public records research industry. Don't rely on "Free" resources to take into account every aspect of the multifaceted background check process such as alias or maiden names, past addresses, or to make connections to other records in the database. A "Free" resource cannot make decisions based on hard to find or old data and is limited by just online or just offline files. We have the most extensive variety of background checks and criminal record checks available online.

There is a criminal background check built for everyone. Whether you're a business owner or everyday stay at home mom you'll get just what you need. Purchase simply a single criminal background check, people lookup, get bankruptcy info, court records, bulk background checks, sex offender by zip code, tenant screens, property records, reverse SSN, or a reverse phone lookup. We are your one stop shop for all background check needs.

Having used InfoRegistry online services now for the last five years-I have received countless thanks from my clients for its accuracy and thorough nature. This is what keeps me a leader in my industry not to mention at ease in my personal life-and I cannot thank you guys enough!
--Sal Parks; Memphis, TN

Applause! Applause! This is the first service I have used that actually gave me updated information on the criminal backgrounds I was looking for. Thank you Inforegistry I will never enter into another business or personal enterprise without first checking with you!
--Jenna St LaRoche; Duluth, GA

Reverse Phone Check
What is a Comprehensive Background Check?
Are you looking to find out the truth about someone's past? You don't need to hire a PI, thanks to the power of the internet. The internet lets you do a totally legal background search on someone quickly, easily and affordably. The Comprehensive Background Report will uncover lawsuits, bankruptcy, arrests, time in jail, address history, relatives, property ownership and much more!
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Reverse Phone Check
"I am truly impressed by this report and how much information it uncovered. In one report I could see the person's whole life in front of me, never thought this is possible."
- John H.,Tempe, AZ.
Reverse Phone Search
Reverse Phone Check

When in Doubt, Run a Reverse Phone Check

Reverse Phone Check is as simple as information database websites go: a website that offers reverse phone check number identification services, much like the caller ID function of some phones nowadays. This is unique, though, in the sense that it can glean much more information from a single phone number check than most. This database is also unique in the sense that it gets huge amounts of information from a reverse phone check number search, as opposed to conventional information database websites that need at least the person’s full name in order to run a search.

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Background Check

Find Everything You Need to Know with InfoRegistry

InfoRegistry is an online information database, filled with all sorts of information on different people residing in the United States. We offer the most thorough and cost effective background checks and criminal record searches in the public records research industry , in order to find out all sorts of different facts and figures about a chosen person. This makes it a very useful tool for private detectives, lawyers of every sort, even intelligence agents and, well, practically everybody who wants to know more than what a normal run through a search.

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Let eVerify Do the Dirty Data Detective Work

eVrify is a website that provides people with information of different people living in the United States. Registering with the site allows you to search its massive database of facts and figures, giving you the ability to take a very comprehensive look into the past of a person, for whatever purpose.

This website compiles any and all public records regarding a person, allowing you to look into many different aspects of a person’s life. Records included with the information service include the following:

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Reverse Phone Check